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Giancarlo Toniutti

(with Tiziano Dominighini)

the Sound-Placing land bridge


(w/20 pp. booklet)
menstrualrecordings.org, LH74



Sound-Placing 2°49'3"E (65'41")

composed and recorded 1981-2013

This project, started in late 1981, developed through a main axis: the placing of sound phenomena from electronic sources into the environment, the urban environment, to activate it. The project rested for a long time in the archives due to many reasons and now sees the light of any sun, in this cd specific composition, realized from 2013 to 2015. Based on a threshold architecture, the sounds cooperate to trigger a relatively chimerical flow of perception interactions and generations, where each phenomenon is captured and reprocessed by the listener in its own specific condition, and immersed again and again into the field. Probably.